Save the Queen

The Save the Queen staff as seen in Kingdom Hearts II.

Save the Queen is the most powerful staff that Donald Duck can get in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. Out of all of the staffs, this is also the hardest staff to obtain. In Kingdom Hearts II, you can upgrade this staff to the Save the Queen+.

[edit] Appearance

In the first game of the series, Save the Queen has an orange base, and a long blue handle. At the top, it has a blue diamond with a gold frame surrounding it. In the middle, there is an orange pommel.

In the second game, Save the Queen in much shorter, and has a blue/purple handle instead of light blue, and the base is blue. At the top of the staff, there is a golden heart and two wings coming from the sides of it, that spiral down into a blue pommel that connects to the handle.

[edit] About the Staff

Strength: +9

Magic: +2

Ability: None

Cost: N/A

Sold For: N/A

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