Seven Wonders of Twilight Town

The Seven Wonders of Twilight Town are seven strange things that things that occur in Twilight Town. In Kingdom Hearts II Roxas and his friends explore these Seven Wonders for a school project that they had forgotten to accomplish.


[edit] The Wonders

[edit] First Wonder

The staircase at the train station is said by Rai to have a different number of stairs going up and down. It is eventually revealed that Rai had simply miscounted.

[edit] Second Wonder

People claim to find many balls in an alleyway that is completely bricked-off, and they say they were thrown from the wall at the end of the alleyway. Pence believes that Roxas throw the balls, but Roxas thinks that it was the Nobodies.

[edit] Third Wonder

People claim that there are moans coming from a tunnel under the city. When Roxas goes to explore the tunnel, he finds Vivi there, who attacks him. Vivi then arrives at the scene, and Pence believes that Vivi was the one making the moaning noises. Vivi then turns into a Nobody and leaves.

[edit] Fourth Wonder

There is a waterfall where people are said to see their own doppelganger. When Roxas goes to check out this waterfall, a shadow version of himself comes out of the waterfall and attacks him. Pence believes that people thought their reflection was their doppelganger.

[edit] Fifth Wonder

There is a bag on the top of Sunset Hill that is said to frequently move around. Roxas and Pence eventually catch the bag, and they discover a dog that was trapped inside. The dog later escapes the scene as a Nobody.

[edit] Sixth Wonder

There are rumors that a ghost train can be seen at sunset. Most people believe that this rumor is false, except for Roxas, who is the only one that can see the train.

This is the same train that leads to Yen Sid's Tower.

[edit] Seventh Wonder

People say that it is possible to see a girl in the window on the second floor at the old mansion. Pence believes that this happens because it is an illusion caused by the Old Mansion's curtains. There is a girl, however, and it is Naminé, who only Roxas had seen.

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