Shan Yu


Shan-Yu is one of the many antagonists in Kingdom Hearts II. He is the main antagonist of The Land of Dragons world, and is originally from the movie Mulan. Shan-Yu's major goal is to attack and take over The Land or Dragons.


[edit] Journal Entries

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

Mulan (1998)

Leader of the Huns. He wants to take over all of China.

Shan-Yu and his enormous army are fearsome fighters who have defeated some of the Emperor's best troops. Now Shan-Yu plans to use the Heartless to invade the Empire.

Shan-Yu has fierce eyes, and is always seen with a hawk who serves as his eyes and ears from above.

[edit] Appearance

Shan-Yu is a very large, muscular man. His skin is a gray-ish pink, and on his face are bushy eyebrows, and a thin, black mustache the extends across his upper lip and down to his chin. He wears a thick blue hood, and has a scarf-looking object hanging around his neck. When he is not wearing his hood, he is bald with long black hair on the back of his neck. Shan-Yu also wears a dark blue and yellow jacket, and has on baggy pants. He has on one glove on his left hand, and boots that extend up his leg. Shan-Yu is very short.

[edit] In The Games

[edit] Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearts II, Shan-Yu leads a Heartless army in the Land of Dragons. Shan-Yu first tricks Sora and the others into a cave, where they a trapped and forced to battle Heartless. However, while they are doing this, Shan-Yu burns down the village, and everyone except for a very few people were turned into Heartless. After defeating the Heartless, Sora and the others notice all of the damage, and they go to where Shan-Yu is; the summit of the mountain. When Sora gets there, however, he is attacked by Shan-Yu with many Heartless. After defeating the majority, of the Heartless, Mulan pushes them off of the cliff and into an avalanche. Shan-Yu then, surviving the avalanche, attacks the Imperial Palace. While doing this, he sends a group of Captain Shang's soldiers to fight off Sora and stop him. Sora quickly defeats them however, and makes his was to Shan-Yu, whom he also defeats.

Upon defeating Shan-Yu, Sora is rewarded with the Hidden Dragon Keyblade.

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