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Sora is the hero who has lived there with his friends, Riku and Kairi. Sora and Riku have always been very competitive, and constantly tried to win Kairi's attention. Riku acquired a Paupu fruit, which is said to intertwine the hearts of any two people who eat it forever. Riku and Sora had a race to decide who would name their new raft. Riku also said that the winner gets to share the Paupu fruit with Kairi, but his wager is never taken. While in a secret cave, Sora found a drawing of himself and Kairi that he and Kairi drew together on the cave wall. Without really thinking about it, Sora added to the picture so that it shows him giving a Paupu fruit to Kairi. Soon, the three were separated when a storm of darkness, filled with Heartless, consumed their home world called the Destiny Islands. It was at this moment the Sora attained the mighty Keyblade. After the storm, Sora, Riku, and Kairi were scattered to separate worlds. Sora ended up in a world called Traverse Town, where he met Donald Duck and Goofy, who became his friends and companions on his journey.

In Kingdom Hearts, Sora traveled to various worlds on their Gummi Ship with them in order to save Riku and Kairi. After defeating many enemies, making new friends, and even becoming a Heartless, he saves Kairi. Through the cunning of Maleficent, Riku is captured by the darkness. Sora frees him from the true mastermind behind the darkness, Ansem. Although he defeated Ansem and sealed the Door to Darkness with the Keyblade, which restored all of the worlds consumed by darkness, Riku and King Mickey were trapped on the other side of the door.

In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora embarked to find them before returning home where Kairi waited for both Sora and Riku. He arrived at a castle known as Castle Oblivion, which was controlled by Organization XIII. As Sora and Donald climbed up higher to the top floor of the castle, they began to lose their memories, and Sora gained new ones that he had forgotten. He remembered a girl named Naminé from his early childhood. Sora's memories of her were false, but she was all together real. Naminé was a witch who could specifically control the memories of Sora and the memories of those connected to Sora's heart. Organization XIII forced her to do this as part of a plot to use Sora as tool by controlling his artificial affection for Naminé. Sora defeated the Organization XIII members and freed Naminé, who then gave him the option of forgetting all of his real memories or keeping the new ones that he currently had. Sora chose to remember his true past, but this would not happen easily. He had to sleep dormant for a year while he regained his memories. Just as he had forgotten his past, his friends and family all had forgotten him too, except for Riku and King Mickey.

After the year had passed, Sora awoke and began his journey to find Riku once more. However, the threat of the remaining members of Organization XIII still loomed, and Maleficent returned to reclaim her power. Sora had to travel through even more worlds, defeating Heartless and Nobodies. After many more battles, he finally found Riku again at Organization XIII's stronghold, along with King Mickey. He also reunited with Kairi, after Naminé had freed her when Organization XIII had kidnapped her. Sora and Riku joined forces and finished off Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII. After defeating him, Sora and Riku end up on a beach in the Realm of Darkness, and they reconcile some of their differences that had arisen a year earlier. They also opened the Door to Light, which took them back to their home world with Kairi and concluded Sora's journey.

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