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Space Paranoids is the world of the movie Tron.

In this world, like in Timeless River, We go to the scenery of the original movie, so everything in this world is inside a computer and Sora, Donald, and Goofy have been changed accordingly. The trio will fight alongside Tron, A security program, to defeat Commander Sark. There will be Light Cycle games involved - which should please any fans of the movie.

This world is accessed through Hollow bastion

[edit] The First Visit

At Ansem's computer lab, The trio find a computer, Sora immediately asks it for the location of Kairi and Riku and recklessly press the keyboard with a lot of force, Showing that they know nothing about computers, Leon cools him down but Stitch drops down from the ceiling and lands on the keyboard. Donald climbs up and tries to catch him but he escapes and leaves Donald on the keyboard, Who stomps around. The MCP (Master control program) warns that one more misuse of the program and they will be punished, Donald unwittingly takes a step on the keyboard and seals their fate. A ray downloads them and they are sent to Space paranoids.

This world of computers... Sora and the gang have no idea how this world operates, soon after the arrival they are captured by heartless, Sora pushes Donald and Goofy to fight back but Commander Sark interferes and Sora surrenders.

Soon they end up in some sort of Jail cell and meet a mysterious blue-ish man, He introduces himself as Tron and tells them who he is and what this place is, He also says that they shouldn't just do what ever they want or else they will be subjected to De-resolution or De-Rezz. They talk about a way to escape, Tron gets an idea to use a transporting terminal but the system needs power to operate Which can be fixed at some sort of nearby power station, But the door is locked and the data needs to be extracted to unlock it of course this is a job for the keyblade so Sora makes quick work of it, Tron is amazed and notes of the trio's special "Features" and identifies them as "Users". They reach the station-Which looks like a dump site-and tron says that it's missing a part and it can be found somewhere in the junk piles but the place is full of Fake parts but Sora finds one eventually and the power is restored. Tron returns them to the terminal and starts the transport and asks the Trio for a favor: Find my user, The user of the system, Ansem the wise because he has the password to an important location: The "DTD". Sora and Goofy is shocked at the mention of Ansem's name but they had no time to react as Donald promises the password and are teleported out of there.

Back at hollow bastion Leon is typing like mad to bring the guys back who re-appears behind him. Leon is explained the situation and the gang returns to the lab a chest appears in the hallway containing the ukulele charm which Grants you the Stitch summon which is covered in the Summons page in the Magic category.

In the lab Tifa returns and sees the secret passage she checks the room again removes Ansem's portrait a diagram is revealed and Tifa ignores it and punches the wall, Nothing happens and she leaves Donald reads the text: Hollow, security, Tron, Door, To, Darkness.

Sora figures out that this is the so called "DTD" and a familiar voice asks if some one said Door to Darkness, This turns out to be King mickey who asks about the events, Then he says that to open the Door to Darkness, you need the Seven princesses of Heart: Snow white, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Alice, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Kairi. He then says that he has explaining to do but not know as they should deliver the Password to Tron. He also gives Sora another Drive Form: Master Form.

Back at the cell the trio cannot find tron Goofy approaches a terminal and examines it and for some reason Sora and Donald are teleported away, Goofy soon follows.

At the game grid inside a Light cycle race track, Tron fights heartless and Sora and Co. join in on the fight, Sark explains the light cycles after the battle. Sora is forced to play.

After the track a heartless cracks the wall revealing an exit, Sora tries to go for it, And leaves the room along with everyone.

Tron asks why they are here and why did they not just Transmit the Data but they don't know that so they continue, Once there Tron asks for the Password. When it's entered the DTD slowly activates, and tells them to play a game in the mean time. But this is actually the DTD's Final defense mechanism and you are whisked into a battle where you must absorb enough data from the heartless and use it to freeze the Screens this is a good opportunity to level up Wisdom form, First enter the form and kill enough heartless and freeze the first two screens, then continue the killing until about Ten seconds left then freeze the last screen.

After this tron acquires the Data from the DTD and regains his powers, But the MCP was watching and tries to activate the Self destruct system for Hollow Bastion but Tron changes the password in time, He explains that the MCP is loading a hostile program in the "I/O Tower" so they head there.

Once in the core of the tower a Purple-ish dark light shines in the middle of the room and by that they can see that Hollow bastion is in danger. They leave the room and fight the Hostile program.

When it dies the group returns to the core room, The light is clear pearl white again, Tron tells that he really owes the trio and that he has a chance to restore system control, It's what Ansem would want, Sora reveals What Ansem is in their eyes and surprisingly Tron Thinks the same because "Ansem" brought back the MCP.

After this Tron starts the teleporting you out of the computer, Keeping an Access channel open so they can access the DTD anytime, Sora asks what it is and Tron replies: An important link between the Program and User world, it's how they stay connected, And that the new DTD password is...Them: Sora, Donald and Goofy.

The events that follow are part of Hollow Bastion so that will not be covered here.

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