Stitch as he appears in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Stitch is a Disney character. He is a alien experiment that posses incredible strength and an indestructible being. Stitch appeared on Disney Movies and in the Kingdom Hearts series.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Stitch is playable only through summon magic. In Kingdom Hearts series you won't travel to his world so you cant have him in your party. To obtain him as a summon you need the Ukulele Charm, which you obtain in a chest at the Hollow Bastion computer room. When Stitch is summoned, Stitch will appear crawling on the screen and blast all foes who attempts to attack Sora. In addition, Stitch is also capable of attacking all foes on screen by using their LIMIT:Ohana. Also Ukulele forces foes to drop recovery orbs. During the different cups in the Olympus Coliseum, you can use Stitch to drive point orbs out instead of recovery orbs, increasing your score.

Stitch also makes another appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

[edit] Moves

Ukulele: Enemies drop HP orbs
Lucky Lucky: Restores all of Sora's MP
Counter Shot: Blasts enemies attacking Sora

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