The Enigmatic Man

This boss is known as both The Enigmatic Man and the Unknown. At the time, the identity of this character was not revealed. Kingdom Hearts II reveals this boss to be Xemnas.

In Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, he is an optional boss that you can fight and is the most difficult boss to defeat. His identity was very clouded, however. His face was never revealed as his hood concealed it during his whole cameo. When he first appeared to Sora, he seemed to walk right through him, saying, "Ah, it seems you are special as well." Goofy replied "Ansem?", suspecting him for some reason. Xemnas referred to it as "a familiar sound". Xemnas actually does seem to have a personality in this scene. Xemnas says, "You look like him", to Sora, and he remarked that he wanted to test Sora's power, stating that Sora was incomplete. By this, he meant that Sora had lost his heart, and that his Nobody, Roxas, looked like Sora and had the rest of his power, but he did not specify this. Again, this is unfolded after being compared with the events of Kingdom Hearts II. After fighting him, he said that he was fascinated at how much power Sora had. Although Sora asked who he was, he never revealed his name to Sora. He simply left, with these closing words: "I am... but a mere shell." This was a hint to the nature of Nobodies and their existence.

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