Timeless River

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The Timeless River was a world featured in Kingdom Hearts II. The world is accessed by the door created by Merlin beside the Cornerstone of Light. The world can only be played in black and white though. The characters are all cartoon people and they are more simplified basic original characters while Sora looks like he has been changed to a more simplified version. You also see some suprises in this world, such as a cartoon Pete and a cartoon King Mickey from their old show.

[edit] Plot Summary

Pete found a door to this world, which is situated in the past, and went at Maleficent's bidding to seize the Cornerstone of Light from the past, so the Disney Castle could not have it in the future to ward off the darkness. Sora, Donald, and Goofy went through another door, created by Merlin, to stop him from accomplishing this task. They mistakenly attack the past version of Pete, thinking him to be the current one. The past version is little more than Capt'n Pete, King Mickey's former boss. Pete uses the Heartless to create crises that recreate old Disney cartoon shorts. Sora and the gang manage to stop the Heartless. The past version of Mickey thanks them each time. On his path of mischief, Pete clobbers his old self. When he is finally cornered by Sora, Capt'n Pete angrily joins Sora in attacking his future self. They manage to defeat him an send him back through the door to the future, and then Sora seals it shut, so he cannot return to disturb the past.

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