Twilight Town


Twilight Town is a very large place Covered in a seemingly eternal sunset, with the Residential and Shopping districts that are connected by the train. Here you will be able to play as Roxas as well as Sora.


[edit] Prologue

The actual game starts out in this world. We find Roxas waking up and later rendezvousing with his friends at their hideout called "The usual spot" to discover that they have all been blamed by Seifer and his gang for recent thefts. The item at this point is unknown as no one in town can say the word . While trying to find the culprit, Roxas discovers that these odd, white creatures, which are actaully Dusk Nobodies, are responsible. Strange events start occurring around town including a few weird dreams and something about the Keyblade. He encounters the mysterious Naminé. He also encounters Axel in the the local, fighting tournament, called the Struggle. The encounter was unusual, because the whole meeting occurred while time around them was frozen. He defeats Axel and then goes on to finish his tournament, winning the final round. The gang then go up the clock tower and Roxas splits the trophy's crystal orbs and gives one to each of them and they show it up to the sun making it sparkle a bit, Olette reveals some "Sea salt ice cream" for the gang and Roxas then falls of the tower. Axel later returns, and time freezes again. Roxas is called by a voice "Roxas, to the Mansion!" and makes his way to the abandoned mansion and its basement. He enters the white room and encounters Naminé's drawings and memories start flooding his mind. He then meets Naminé and talks about the events, but she is silenced and taken away by Diz, leaving Roxas left to ponder about "Nobodies". He encounters Axel one more time, but this time he does remember him, however, Axel does not trust him. After defeating Axel for good, he finally finds Sora, who is sleeping in the pod he entered in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. DiZ explains to him that he must then reunite with Sora. Roxas angrily attacks the hologram of DiZ, but he could not escape the inevitable.

[edit] The First visit

Sora wakes up with Donald and Goofy, unsure of where to go. The trio goes into Twilight Town, Sora then says he recalls this place but he cannot remember what it was called, He enters "The usual spot" and meet Hayner, Pence and Olette the gang greet them coldly and talk about someone with "Big round ears" looking for them at the station, They them leave for the train station. There they are attacked by Nobodies. King Mickey quickly saves them and gives them the money for a train ride out of there. He leaves before they can ask any questions, then they ponder if it really was the king, What are they planning to do after this and if they are going to stick together for one more journey. Sora enters the station but are stopped by Hayner and company to say goodbye and Sora somehow starts crying, He then boards a familiar train, and it takes him to Yen Sid's tower. At the door, he finds Pete, and learns that he is their new adversary, leading the Heartless who had not actaully been silenced once for all, as Sora thought. After dealing with Pete and the Heartless, they meet Yen Sid in his tower, where Sora gets new clothes and learns about the goals of his new quest.

[edit] The Second visit

The gang comes back to the town, only to be alerted by a Restless Vivi about Seifer's gang getting ambushed by Nobodies, After the fight, Seifer hands Sora the Struggle trophy saying "This goes to the strongest guy in Twilight Town". They return to the usual spot to meet Hayner pence and Olette as they tell sora about the encounter someone called Kairi which told them all about sora and the adventure before getting abducted with Pluto by Axel. At the train station Goofy breaks the trophy scattering the crystal orbs. Creepy enough, Hayner, Pence and Olette pick up the exact same color of the crystals given to them by Roxas. They then show it up to the sun while goofy takes out the Munny pouch and gets the other blue, crystal orb. Olette is amazed how they have a copy of a pouch she made and a crystal orb from the trophy, since each is one of a kind. The crystal reveals the Keyhole, and Sora locks it. The party leaves Twilight Town once more.

[edit] The Third visit

Sora and the gang return to the mansion with the picture in hand Hayner and Company are at the mansion being beaten up by Nobodies until King Mickey appears and lends a hand. After the fight, they enter the mansion and search for the "Other Twilight Town" and enter the basement. Pence then accesses Diz's Computer and works on it, until the computer asks for a password, which turns out to be "Sea Salt Ice Cream". The weird device at the side activates and the gang enters it. Hayner says that they will look after the computer in the meantime. The 4 then appear at "The Other Twilight Town", enter the next room, and go through a suspicious portal to "Betwixt and Between". The journey in Twilight Town ends.

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