Valor Form

Valor Form
260px-Valor Form.png
Sora in Valor Form
AcquiredYen Sids Castle

The Valor Form is a mainly offensive type form. It is earned with Sora's new costume from the three fairies in Twilight Town's Tower Wardrobe. It wields two key blades. It is excellent in most of the boss fights. Get in close to enemies and bash through them to deal heavy damage in a short amount of time. The Valor Form gains one point of experience every time you strike an enemy. When in Valor Form, Sora can't use magic spells until you revert back to normal form. Valor Form is also the first form that Sora can obtain in Kingdom Hearts 2 and this brings the Drive Bar which is used to power up your Forms.

[edit] Appearance

Valor Form wears the same style clothes as Sora but instead they are all Blood Red. The other difference between Sora and Valor Form is the form's ability to use 2 different Keyblades instead of one single Keyblade.

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