Vivi, as he appears in Kingdom Hearts II.

Vivi Orunitia is a Final Fantasy character that makes a debut in Kingdom Hearts II. He originates from Final Fantasy IX, although he is more weak-willed here. He is one of Seifer's gang's members.


[edit] Background

In Final Fantasy IX, he is an expert black mage on a quest to prove his existance. Vivi does not believe that simply being able to move ones arms and legs is proof that one really lives. He is famous for quoting 'How do you prove that you exist...? maybe we don't exist...'. IN Final Fantasy, as in Kingdom Hearts, he is alienated from most of society. He was originally made as a prototype black mage 'puppet' and is also a notable playable character in Itadaki Street Special.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts

[edit] Basic Information

In Kingdom Hearts II, Vivi is redesigned by Tetsuya Nomura and is voiced by Melissa Disney.

[edit] Twilight Town

In the simulated Twilight Town, Vivi enters the Struggle competition at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. His data soon became possessed by a Nobody and he gains incredible powers. He easily defeats Seifer with his fast movement speed and Roxas must battle him. After he is defeated, time will freeze and Vivi's data will reveal its true form to be a Dusk. After the Dusk is defeated, the real Vivi appears, wondering how he got here. Roxas later fights fourteen Vivis (created by Nobodies hacking the system) in a tunnel. After that Vivi will be seen with Seifer for the rest of the game.

Unlike the rest of Seifer's group, Vivi doesn't dislike Roxas and the others and is even quite friendly to them, always speaking in a polite tone and even offering Roxas his Struggle club when he was done training.

In battle he can use many techniques. He can use his club to hammer down on his opponent with lightning speed. He can use "Haste" where he does three very fast rising slashes. Finally he can use "Fury" where he enlarges his club and does many spinning pounds with his club that ends with a powerful combo finisher.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy links

The oddity of his Struggle battle may be a homage to the Black Magic that he uses in Final Fantasy IX. Furthermore, the fact that he is used by the Nobodies (non-existent beings) is also a blatant reference to his original Final Fantasy incarnation, who was driven to find the meaning of his own existence.

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