The places you can visit in the Kingdom Hearts Series.


[edit] Destiny Islands

This is the home world of Sora, Riku, and Kairi. They start out here trying to build a raft to leave their native islands and see other worlds. The night before they can set sail, a typhoon of darkness struck the island. The Keyblade summoned itself to help Sora fight the darkness, but the world was still lost, scattering Sora, Riku, and Kairi across the universe.

[edit] Traverse Town

This is the world where Sora found himself when he woke up after being taken away from Destiny Islands. Traverse Town is divided into three districts, with the First District have all of the shops. Sora meets the main Final Fantasy characters from the game: Leon (Final Fantasy VIII), Aerith (Final Fantasy VII), and Yuffie (also from Final Fantasy VII). They tell him about the agents of darkness, the Heartless, and that Sora is the Keyblade Master who will save the World. When the Heartless suddenly attack, Leon and Sora go to find their leader in that world. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy have been searching for the Keyblade Master, because King Mickey left his own world, with a letter ordering them to protect whoever carries the key. They stumble into Sora in the Third District and help him defeat the boss of Traverse Town, Guard armor. Sora agrees to go with them across worlds, so they can find Mickey or Riku and Kairi.

[edit] Wonderland

In Wonderland, Sora meets a girl named Alice, a nasty Queen, a purple cat, and a white rabbit. Sora finds Alice on trial, for an attempted theft of the Queen of Hearts' heart. The fact that the Queen has no proof against her does not matter. She is determined to punish her. Sora claims to know who did it, so the Queen agrees to let him collect evidence. Even when Sora brings forth evidence that the Heartless did it, the Queen ignores it and orders Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrested. They defeat her card henchmen, only to find that Alice was kidnapped in them midst of the chaos. They then have to fight the Trickmaster boss Heartless. When he is vanquished, the Keyblade seals the keyhole of that world.

[edit] Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle is where the characters of the film Tarzan. Sora is initially separated from Donald and Goofy and lands in Tarzan's old tree house. Sabor the Cheetah attacks him and almost overpowers him when Tarzan appear and fights him off. Tarzan then accompanies Sora to the camp, where he meets Donald and Goofy again as well as Jane and Clayton. Clayton, an obsessed hunter, wants Tarzan to show them the gorillas so he can shoot them. Tarzan hesitates to show the home of the gorillas, but when he realizes that Sora needs help finding his friends, he agrees to show Sora, but not Clayton. Clayton eventually corners the gorillas in an area, but Sora and friends intervene and fight him. The Stealth Sneak boss arrives to help Clayton. Once both are defeated, Tarzan leads to the keyhole and tells Sora that his friends are there. He was really trying to say that his friends are in Sora's heart, because the keyholes lead to the hearts of the worlds.

[edit] Olympus Coliseum

The Olympus Coliseum is a world based on the Disney film Hercules. Unlike other worlds, this one does not have a broad, expansive terrain. There are just three sections: the Coliseum Gates, the Lobby, and the Coliseum ring itself. Sora and the gang arrive here and want to participate in the tournament. They meet Hercules and a skeptical Philoctetes (Phil), who refuses to let them in the games. He tests out their skills with a few practice rounds, in which they succeed. Regardless, Phil refuses to let them in. Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk off, disappointed, but Hades shows up and gives Sora a free entry pass into the games. Sora does not know why, but Hades has an ulterior motive. He has a contract with Cloud (of Final Fantasy VII) to eliminate Hercules in the games. Hades also tries to coerce him into killing Sora too, but Cloud is hesitant, because it goes beyond their original agreement. Eventually, Sora and Cloud do have to fight in the tournament, and afterward Cloud is defeated. Hades sends in his three-headed dog Cerberus to intervene. He pins down Cloud and knocks him out. Hercules quickly comes and holds off the monster while Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Phil escape. Sora decides they had to go help, so he and the party go back. They find Hercules with Cloud over his shoulder, cornered. They convince Hercules to get Cloud to safety, while they fight Cerberus themselves. It was a tough battle, but they managed to defeat him. Phil declares them Junior Heroes, but still says they have a long way to go to become true heroes. Hercules explains that you have to figure out becoming a true hero on your own, like he did. Sora also offers Cloud a rematch sometime, but he passes.

Although, Sora does eventually fight Cloud, and many other characters in the bonus tournaments and matches that are later held in the coliseum.

[edit] Agrabah

When Sora and friends arrive, they find that the city is already under control of Jafar, the royal vizier, who is in league with Maleficent. They are trying to find Jasmine, princess of Agrabah, and one of the seven Princesses of Heart. After traveling around, they find Aladdin's home, but Aladdin is not there. The do find that the magic carpet is stuck under something heavy, so they remove it. It seems frantic, as though there is danger. It gets Sora to ride it into the desert. It is nighttime when they arrive. There, they find Aladdin stuck in a sand pit and under siege by Heartless. They quickly fend them off, but more appear. They free Aladdin from the sand, who summons Genie and uses a wish to make all of the Heartless go away. After that they return to Agrabah. On the way, Genie explains that after the three wishes, he has to go back into his lamp and be trapped again for centuries. Feeling sympathetic, Aladdin decides that he will use his third wish for Genie's freedom. When they arrive in Agrabah, they find Jasmine in danger. Aladdin tries to use his second wish to save Jasmine, but Jafar's parrot Iago swipes Genie's lamp from him and gives it to Jafar. Jafar quickly makes an exit, and Jasmine falls into a pot that becomes part of the Pot Centipede boss. Even though Sora and the party defeat it, Jasmine is found to be gone.

They track Jafar down to the Cave of Wonders. He uses his first wish to reveal the Keyhole to that world. However, Sora and Aladdin arrive in time to stop him from going any further. Jafar uses his second wish to force Genie to attack them. A battle ensues, and Jafar is defeated. He uses his final wish to become a powerful Genie and then delves into the earth. A fiery chamber with a floor of lava is within, and Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Aladdin clash with Jafar as they try to get his lamp from Iago. They barely managed to snatch it, and then Jafar is imprisoned within his own lamp. When they resurfaced into the room with the Keyhole, they find that Jasmine, who had been left there, has been kidnapped. Unbeknown to them, Riku was the kidnapper. Sora seals the Keyhole, and then they all return to Aladdin's home. There is talk about what to do. Aladdin wants to go with Sora to find Jasmine, but they have to deny him, to prevent him from meddling in other worlds. Genie then proposes that Aladdin use his last wish to save Jasmine, but keeping his promise, Aladdin wishes for Genie's freedom. He does ask Genie to go along with them and help, and he is happy to do the favor. Sora, Donald, and Goofy leave Agrabah with Genie as a new summon.

[edit] Monstro

On their way to then next world, Monstro from Pinocchio appears swimming through space. He charges toward the gummi ship and swallows our heroes. They end up inside the whale's mouth and encounter Pinocchio and his father Geppetto. While Sora and Geppetto are talking, Pinocchio wanders off into the whale. Sora finds that Riku has lured him in, making the young puppet think they can play, and he mocks Sora by saying Sora thinks he's too cool to play games now that he has the Keyblade. Sora thinks Riku is being ridiculous, and follows him through the whale's body. In the bowels of Monstro, Pinocchio is ensnared behind the bars of the Parasite Cage Heartless. Riku and Sora fight it off, and then the bowels open and they fall back in the mouth somehow. They find that Riku has Pinocchio in his hands, and he may be able to help someone who has lost their heart. Sora asks if he meant Kairi, but Riku scoffed that Sora does not really are about her. They follow Riku into the stomach and try to get him to stop. Riku tries to convince Sora that it can help Kairi, but Sora raises his Keyblade. Surprised, Riku asks why he would rather fight, over a puppet that has lost its heart. Sora responded, "Heart or no heart, at least he still has a conscience." The Parasite Cage returns, and Riku vanishes through a portal of darkness. Sora, Donald, and Goofy slay the Parasite Cage and then are propelled out of Monstro's body.

[edit] Atlantica

Thanks to Donald's magic, the party is transformed so they can survive and live underwater. They have a hard time adjusting, but luckily, they meet Ariel, who teaches them some pointers. She takes them to her father's (King Triton's) palace, in case he knows about the Keyhole. Triton angrily refuses them and forbids Ariel from venturing out of the palace, so she can be safe. She deliberately disobeys and continues with Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their search. They find a crystal trident in a chest and take it to Ariel's Grotto to add to her treasure collection. In there, they find a trident-shaped engraving in the cave wall. They insert the crystal into the mold, and it begins to react. At that moment, King Triton appears and immediately destroys the crystal trident with his magic trident. Ariel swims off in tears at her father's cruelty. Flotsam and Jetsam approach Ariel with an offer. Ursula appears to sharpen the deal. She explains that Sora and Co. are actually from a different world, and she can help Ariel leave her world if Ariel brings Trition's trident to her. Ariel reluctantly agrees. After Ursula takes it, she laughs maniacally and returns to her lair. King Trition, without his mightiest weapon, is to weak to handle the situation, so Ariel tries to set things right by going with Sora to the lair. When they arrive, they manage to defeat Flotsam and Jetsam, but Ursula escapes. They pursue her further to the open ocean, where she uses the power of the trident to transform into a giant Ursula. They fight an arduous battle and slay Ursula, who decays into a dead, black ink.

The trident is returned to King Triton. He then explains that he feared the power of the Keyblade and was trying to protect his world by keeping them from the Keyhole. By now, he has come to understand that they mean well, so he agrees to aid them. He know all along that the crystal trident, when inserted into the engraving, would reveal the Keyhole to the world. Using his own magic trident as a substitute, Triton is able to bring forth the Keyhole of Atlantica, which Sora seals, concluding his mission there.

[edit] Halloween Town

In Halloween Town, Sora and company's clothes will change into a Halloween themed clothes. You'll meet creepy characters in this scary world such as Jack, the Doctor, and Sally. The bad guys in this level are Oogie Boogie, and the three kids, Lock, Shock and Barrel. Oogie Boogie is causing trouble in Halloween Town, so you'll team up with Jack to defeat the frightening foe.

[edit] Hundred Acre Woods

The Torn Page you find in the Cave of Wonder is actually a copy of Winnie The Pooh. Finding and returning other torn pages will restore the missing pieces in Pooh's World, like adding more locations and encounters with other Winnie The Pooh characters, such as Winnie The Pooh, the jumping Tiger, Tigger, Eeyore the slow donkey with an attachable tail,Piglet, Owl, and Rabbit. One of the torn pages is located somewhere is Halloween Town.

[edit] Neverland

Here, Sora and Co. will be in a boat where they'll encounter Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Wendy. You meet up with Riku again in this world. You'll also meet Peter Pan's enemy, Captain Hook, and his crew. In Neverland, Sora will learn how to fly, which is a very cool ability that comes handy in the game. You'll battle with a shadow version of Sora. Try to save Wendy and fight Captain Hook in the end. Beware of pirate Heartless!

[edit] Hollow Bastion

Many events happens in this world. Hollow Bastion is where you'll meet up with Beast and Belle. You'll go through quite a lot of mazes in this level, and fight many bosses, such as Maleficent. The 7 Princesses are on this level, so you'll see all of them. You'll end up fighting someone three times in this world, and then finish the world off by fighting a Behemoth.

[edit] End of the World

End of the World, this is it. The last world in the game. You'll teleport to all of the worlds you've been to, and then encounter a boss fight with the Fantasia gargoyle, Chernabog. In the end, you should reach a door. Once you enter the door, you'll fight the last bosses in game, and you'll be done with Kingdom Hearts.

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