Xeanort's Bio

[edit] Xehanort's Bio

Ansem The Wise says in The Ansem Reports (The ones that Ansem The Wise wrote, not Xehanort) that Xehanort's heart was unique. Xehanort is one of Ansem The Wises apprentices. When Ansem ordered him and his fellow apprentices to stop there research on the darkness of the heart and the production of artificial heartless and there differences from real ones, they continued it in secrecy. Xehanort's and the other apprentices hearts were soon consumed by darkness and Xehanort became a heartless who's nobody, Xemnas, became the leader of Organization XII, and the other apprentices nobodys became the other 11 of the Organization. The last member of the Organization was Roxas, Sora's nobody. Xehanort then stole his mentor's name from Ansem The Wise and became known as Ansem, The Seeker Of Darkness.Then he issued reports on his findings of the darkness of the heart called The Ansem Reports. Since he needed a body after Malificent introduced and gave Riku's power over the power of darkness he told Riku to open his heart to the darkness and Riku does. Suddenly, Xehanort has control over his body. This new person, a combination of Riku and Xehanort, now has a heartless symbol on his chest and a different outfit on. This new Xehanort meets with Sora, hands him his keyblade, and tells him to open his heart so Kairi's heart could be freed. Sora does and is turned into a heartless. Then, while Xehanort is attempting to summon heartless to attack the heroes, Riku temporarly gains control of his body and holds them off while the heroes escape. Xehanort then once again regains control of his body. Meanwhile, Kairi gives Sora back his original form. Then Xehanort looks back at the heroes in his original Xehanort form with a heartless emblem on his chest then walks into the key hole, flooding the area with darkness. Sora and friends seal the key hole then they go after Xemnas. They arrive on what is left of the destiny islands. Xehanort is standing there in his Riku form and says, "To a heart seeking freedom, this island is like a prision surrounded by water, so one boy who wanted to see new worlds and places opened his heart to the darkness. One who knows nothing can understand nothing." Then, he turns to look at them in his origional Xehanort form with a heartless emblem on his chest. A battle issues, and at the end Xehanort says, "Kingdom Hearts, fill me with the power of darkness!" Sora then says, "You're wrong, Kingdom Hearts is filled with light!" The light then comes and destroys Xehanort. Sora and his friends, including Riku, with King Mickey, go to the other side and seal the door to Kingdom Hearts. Later, in Castle Oblivion, run by the Organization member Marluxia, the Organization makes a clone of Riku, once again, with the heartless emblem on him, out of his memories that tourments and confuses them. While Riku goes up the steps in Castle Oblivion, he has to face the darkness in his heart that Xehanort left. Riku, however, finally triumphs over Xehanort's darkness in the end.

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