Xion (Boss)


Xion (Boss) is a boss that you fight near the end of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.


[edit] Forms

[edit] First Form

300px-Xion First Form KHD.png

Xion's first boss form. Her first special attack is Sonic Blade.

[edit] Second Form

338px-Xion Second Form KHD.png

Xion's second boss form. Her special attack is now Ragnarok.

[edit] Third Form

350px-Xion Third Form KHD.png

Xion's third boss form. In this form, she uses Ars Arcanum.

[edit] Final Form


Xion's fourth and final form, which bears a good resemblance to Sora. In this form, she gains a entirely new moveset and uses a Limit Break.

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