Zolephant in Nightmare form.

Zolephant is a Dream Eater introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

[edit] Spirit Dream Eater

Zolephant is an elephant-like creature. It has one large body with four giant legs and four feet. It has two ears and one trunk at the front of its face. Above its mouth two large wavy horns come out of Zolephant. Its body is a purple and a green color. The hooves are a teal color, as well as the large ears. The trunk is a light green, then changes into three stripes of green, then yellow, and at the end of it, purple. Its head is yellow and it has yellow eyes.

[edit] Nightmare Dream Eater

The nightmare form of Zolephant has a dark purple under belly and hooves. Above the hooves there is a stripe of pink. The back of Nightmare Zolephant is blue as well as most of its trunk. The three stripes at the top of the trunk are now violet, pink, and purple. The ears are dark purple with a pink design on each. The eyes are also now red.

[edit] Journal Entry

Throw this titan into a tizzy and you had better take cover! But once the tantrum tapers off, it's wide open.

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